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January 22, 2002 - 1:39 p.m.

there is snow on the ground and i have no classes today. the two are not related but it is a pleasant and beautiful experience none the less. this is the first day of snow this winter or at least the first day of snow where the snow didn't melt on ground contact. i haven't stepped outside yet because i know doing that will ruin the experience for me. when i go outside, it will be wet and slushy and i will complain and curse and wish i could be in the warmth of my apartment. sigh.

i'm working on a splash page for the vancouver art gallery's next exhibit on cyborgs. it involves html, javascript and flash. i like these progams yet i always procrastinate with these ones because i am not fully confident with my abilities using these programs. it involves lots of trial and error. ack.

on friday the plan is to do e and go and see the buttless chaps. i was quite excited until i found out that ryan and sara would also be there. i don't know if i can be on an illicit substance and see r&s. blech.

song for today: bloodflow, smog.

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