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January 05, 2002 - 8:21 a.m.

i had three days of school this past week and things have been good. this is video term and i'm pretty excited and confident and eager to learn all i can. it's a good feeling. i have also signed up for an advanced flash class and yesterday was the first lesson. i surprised myself by actually knowing more than i thought i had. last term, flash was a struggle. it was hard. i cried. but now, so far so good. i am confident and happy and i smile almost constantly. this is a good year so far.

i also had a date this week. yes! on wednesday i had a date with the oliver platt boy from new year's eve. after sending me wonderfully beautiful emails i decided that i would give him a chance. he came over and we played scrabble and drank red wine. i won (at scrabble, of course). it was a good evening but i do not feel the love. oliver platt boy, on the other hand, feels the love. he is very forthcoming with his feelings and exclaims my beauty at every chance he gets. he has a crush on me: (as he puts it) "the cat's out of the bag and looking for a home". it is a bit much but i know that he is being sincere (and not a lothario who woos girls at new years eve). he didn't even try to kiss me. since our date he has sent me more wonderful emails that make me laugh. if only i could fall in love with his emails. sigh. but i will go out with him again. just to see if my mind (or my loins) won't have a change of heart. and if i only see a future for friendship i will have to let him know then.

yes, my ego and confidence are soaring! wheeee!

and now i'm going to bellingham for shopping! hooray!!

song for the day: just to see my holly home, bonnie prince billy

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