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December 30, 2001 - 11:41 a.m.

my hair is dripping wet from the shower i just took. my phone is dead as i haven't recharged the battery in days. i keep listening to "whose idea" by the four stars over and over again. it's a beautiful and sunny morning and i should be outside filling the tires on my bike.

the strange thing i just can't figure out is that a plant that i haven't watered in weeks and is well beyond the "technically dead" stage of death has sprouted three bright green new leaves. it was a flowering plant and those are usually the first to go. out of laziness and a belief that the crusty brown leaves and dark purple tissued petals were truely an act of nature's true beauty, i just couldn't throw it out. plus, i didn't have anything to replace it with. now that the plant has been virtually ignored with all the love and care (water, light, feeding) it is suddenly struggling to live. i watered it this morning just to see what happens next.

i take this as a sign of *gasp* hope for the new year.

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