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December 13, 2001 - 9:49 p.m.

somedays you just shouldn't answer the phone.

i just got off an hour long conversation (she talked, i listened) with my former boss. she told me all about her crazy life and then asked if i could work next week because janice is the the hospital with a collapsed lung. i don't want to work on my week off from school. i have to buy xmas presents and make cards and relax and bake cookies and finish my zine and make my documentary. i don't want to dig out all of my office clothes and be pleasant to people i haven't seen in six months. ack. of course i said yes, but i'm hoping that i can squeeze in just mornings. what can she say? i'm helping her out, afterall.

now i feel a cold coming on. maybe i'll just call in sick next week. hahaha!!

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