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November 26, 2001 - 1:20 p.m.

another weekend has passed and i'm back into the frenzy of school. well, actually most of my weekend was spent at school, so technically, the frenzy is non-stop and all i can do is wait for the panic attacks to envelope my being.

friday evening was spent with kyla and randy (of course!) we danced up a storm in kyla's living room as we drank beer and sang old soul favorites. kyla was in the mood to move, so we left the cozy space and ended up at miss t's where i fell in love with the opening band whose name i do not know. sadly, that is where my enjoyment of the eve ended. kyla was off doing some flirting and randy was tortured with his love for kyla. i just sat on a stool feeling sleepy and unflirtable. i was happy when the evening came to an end when my head hit the pillow.

saturday morning was burger breakfast. yum! the rest of the day was spent at school and i will spare you all of my flash-wrangling details.

sunday: school again. met up with ryan for the first time in over a month! he came over after work and we watched basketball on tv (seattle over indiana!) and ate a yummy apple/sour cherry/almond crisp that i quickly whipped up. it went well. no tears. no shouting. just happy talk and a quick conversation about us being friends. i let him know that i didn't want a fairweather friendship and if he couldn't handle it then he should let me know. it thankfully worked out, but we'll see how things go. i asked about how things were going with sara and he said "she's a nut". you can believe that my insides were doing jumping jacks when his face soured as he told me bits about their relationship! and i was also happy that he was 2 hours late in calling sara (as they had planned dinner after our meeting). insert evil laugher here. yes, things went better than i had thought. i ended the night with a sweet-smelling bubble bath and the clientele playing in the background.

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