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November 21, 2001 - 7:20 p.m.

school is seeming rather overwhelming of late. my audio class is frustrating as we have to mix an 11 second bit into a 2 minute song. yarg!! and flash is completely incomprehensible as always. at least our lab today was helpful -- due in part to a new lab instructor and not because of my flash insight. the good thing about school? why it's lee, of course, my all consuming crush boy. today he drew a little picture of a camera for me on my sign-out slip and according to nicole, the other resources person, lee only makes drawings on my slips! our bond is ever so deep. heehee. i googled lee and i found out that he lives one neighbourhood over from me in strathcona (my favorite neighbourhood!) so on sunny days i will make sure to ride my bike past his house.

if anyone has any tips for flirting, please fill me in. i've been out of the loop for so long!

last night i read the new optic nerve and was sorely disappointed. the last issue was so amazing and i was hoping for more of the same. but i feel somewhat let down by him ever since he swiped my friend amy's story and used it as his own. you see, amy wrote adrian a letter and sent him a copy of her zine. one particular story involved how amy met a radio disc jockey over the phone (she was calling in a request) and he thought she sounded sexy. they agreed to meet up at a bar. it was strange and awkward, as you can well imagine (he was wearing the station's call letter jacket and was well over 40). anyway, when the next issue of optic nerve came out -- there was amy's story!!!! he didn't even ask her if he could use it. the only bit of credit he gave her was that in the issue there was a poster in the background taped to a telephone pole with the initials of her zine (h.p.r.s.) hmmph.

in other related comic news: i can't wait to read the new acme novelty library. so big!

i guess that's all for now. i'm feeling rather motivated and i think i will search out some flash tutorials. can my life be any more glamourous?? don't answer that.

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