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November 19, 2001 - 12:37 p.m.

what a wonderful weekend. realizations were made, money was well spent, curtains were made and friends were plentiful. ahhhh, sweet success.

i didn't end up going to the record fair. instead, i spent most of my money at value village and picked up some lovely suitcases (one red, one beige with a red and blue stripe), a pair of lee jeans, french onion soup bowls ('tis the season) and a fisher price chime ball (an xmas gift for a friend). i met up with meesoo afterwards and we chatted up a storm before i headed off to kristen's to use her sewing machine. my curtains are a dream! lined with fabric to prevent sunlight and super stylie! the fabric is a black and white 1960's geometric pattern that suits my apartment to a tee. i am happy!

even though today is raining and there is no sun, things are going swimmingly. i chatted up my crush boy at school (his name is lee) about cameras and equiptment. he works in resources and today was sporting a fabulous pair of red pants matched with a pumpkin turtleneck. my insides were fluttering with one hundred thousand fireflies but outside i was charming, sweet and all smiles. ah shucks, he has a girlfriend anyway.

what i am wearing right now: pigtails, black cardigan, red and white sears gingham shirt, lee jeans, white belt, black socks, black rocketdog shoes with 3 velcro strips across the top.

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