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November 09, 2001 - 6:03 p.m.

let the good times roll, i say.

the shins are playing loud in my stereo and it's a little distracting cos what i really want to is dance around my kitchen. soon, feet, soon.

on my way from the liquor store i ran into candice, who i haven't seen in over a year (she's been travelling in c. america). she said that she'd just read an issue of my zine and asked when the next issue would be out. soon, very soon. i promise! december for sure. i just have to find my computer cable for my old pc (all my writings are on that old thing), write a couple of more pages and a do comic or two. and i certainly have lots to write about!!

i have to figure out what to take over to kyla's for our regular friday night get-togethers. salty or sweet? hmmm. tonight i will not leave with tears in my eyes. tonight i will dance and laugh and sing and fall in love with all of my friends.

life is good.

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