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November 08, 2001 - 6:38 p.m.

once again i'm feeling pretty damn good. keep it coming, i say. i "spoke" to ryan today, tho i have to admit it wasn't my doing. he IM'd me and i responded. it went okay considering he ruined my concentration for my flash homework. oh well, flash isn't going well anyway.

on my way to the hardware store this evening (i'm going to paint my bathroom pink!), a girl stopped me and asked if i was at the apples in stereo show. i said that i had. we chatted for a bit. she mentioned that she always sees me on the drive and that she once asked her husband if she should get her bangs cut like mine. i felt pretty good. i felt happy that someone just came up and started talking to me -- a virtual stranger! i think that moment will give me the confidence that i so need to start talking to new people. i really need to meet new people!!!

and i really want to kiss a boy. it's true!

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