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November 03, 2001 - 9:22 a.m.

the past few days have been spent knee-deep in boxes and uncertainty. on the 31st i cleared out of our house. one of the movers noted that it was a shame that i had to leave, as the apartment had tons of character. oh, you do not know how much i agree. as i lugged my overnight bag to my friend's house, i felt so sad. it was all so final.

the next morning the movers met me at my new apartment to unload the truck, and again the mover mentioned the sorry state of my apartment, but it seemed much worse as he was comparing it with my new one. but really, my place isn't that bad. it's a large bachelor(ette!!) suite with a huge kitchen just made for dancing and hanging out with friends.

i spent the last 2 days unpacking and getting organized and things are slowly coming together. i wish my emotional state would work at the same rate. unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. last night i spent the evening (as i do every friday night since the break-up) with friends who also have suffered recent heartbreak. my friend randy wanted to call our regular get togethers "dump-ee's day". ack!

i usually look forward to fridays but last night was different. i kinda felt left out, which is a feeling that i associate with high school (and believe me, that is a bad thing!) i don't know if it was the wine or what, but i started thinking non-stop about ryan and his new girlfriend and me and the shittiness of it all. needless to say, i was a bawling mess by 2am. i walked home and cried myself to sleep. it was awful.

3 good things about my new bachelorette suite:

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